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Educational institutions have long been the main hubs for learning. They also have been place for the potential spread of harmful viruses and bacteria. That is why universities, school districts, and daycare centers rely on CAMS Sanitize. With the many concerns surrounding coronavirus, it is no surprise that our proactive and integrated solutions are in very high demand for school classrooms, buses and locker rooms. 


With increased focus on illnesses caused by viruses, fungi and bacteria like MRSA commonly found in gyms, locker rooms and sports facilities decision makers are tasked with finding safe, effective, and budget friendly cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting procedures for sports fans, players and members. This responsibility has become even more important due to the recent pandemic. We have a solution perfectly suited for sports and fitness facilities large and small.

Gym Equipment
Hotel Bedroom Entrance


Disinfection has become an essential part of day to day operations within the hospitality industry. With the CDC's emphasis on companies implementing air purification and maintaining a thorough disinfection program, employees and guest will expect an enhanced level of cleanliness and safety moving forward. Simplify this process by working with us to cost -effectively enhance your cleaning protocols and provide the necessary and continuous protection to those who trust to stay with you. From hotels to vacation homes, CAMS Sanitize can protect your guests and employees with safe and proven solutions.

Sports & Fitness


Due to the last pandemic, businesses are now expected to improve their efforts in cleaning, sanitation and disinfecting their facilities to keep employees and customers safe. CAMS Sanitize can quickly and effectively ease this burden for any business. Our technology will put a barrier between viruses, bacteria and pathogens and your employees and customers to help reduce illness and improve safety that have now become the expectation. We offer marketing materials to inform your employees and the public of the proactive steps being taken to keep them safe.

At the Grocery Shop
Doctor with Files


Healthcare facilities have always presented relentless challenges with regards to the spread of illness. This is evident now, more than ever. Whether it is hospitals, doctors' offices, medical buildings, exam rooms or assisted living facilities, the technology found in CS90X is ready to destroy and place an invisible protective barrier between harmful microbes and your employees, customers, patients, residents and guests to help reduce the spread of illnesses and increase safety. In addition, provide medical supplies and PPE at the lowest cost.


The Restaurant, Bar and Food Service industry took a substantial hit during the pandemic. Owners and managers are now tasked with finding new methods that will improve current standards and procedures. CS90X is EPA-registered, and water-based for safety in food and beverage environments. Once applied, you can rest easy knowing that all surfaces are properly treated and protected. Rely on CS90X to provide a barrier between harmful microbes and your employees and customers to help minimize sickness and provide a level of safety that has become expected.

Empty Bar
Bars & Restaurants
Computer Office Work


Commercial and Industrial facility disinfection has become paramount for reopening efforts following the pandemic. Employees and customers expect, and will continue to expect, a higher level of cleanliness and safety. The CDC has emphasized disinfection as a crucial part of reopening. Take the guess work out of creating a disinfection plan by utilizing the latest and most advanced technology. CAMS Sanitize offers industrial and commercial business facilities proven and safe methods to assist in enhancing safety and cleaning practices. 


Federal, state, and local municipal government facilities are typically, high traffic areas within the community. With that being said, it puts them into a potential high-risk category for the spreading of COVID-19, influenza, other viruses and pathogens, and infectious diseases. Today more than ever before, proactive disinfection treatment strategies are required by government leaders to protect public places. CAMS Sanitize is able to provide around the clock protection to keep these establishments in operation.

Government Building
Modern Kitchen


With a history in property preservation, we know exactly how to ensure that homes are free of MOLD, bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus. With a clinically clean house, your home can also be free of odor, allergens, and mildew. CAMS Sanitize will ensure that you feel right at home.

Government Facilites
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