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There is no shortage of new disinfection businesses and services popping up and taking advantage of decision makers who need to operate during the pandemic. There is, however a considerable difference between a janitorial service, a sanitation service and the CAMS CleanseCoat System. In fact, CAMS Sanitize can be a great way to review your current cleaning procedures. Our method to test and measure the viral load on the surface will help identify the overall cleanliness of the facility. 


Our system has been proven to manage and prevent the spread of illness and infection, and is made more powerful with the knowledge and expertise we have gained over time to properly disinfect and protect surfaces.

We take the appropriate measures to identify and pay special attention to the high traffic touch-point areas in your facility, where additional issues may exist. ​


Bacteria, viruses, and persistent odors have no room in a clean and hygienic place of business. That is why CAMS Sanitize uses our exclusive CleanseCoat system for commercial disinfection and deodorization. CAMS Sanitize follows a proven program that utilizes our proprietary residual Antimicrobial Coating, CS90X. Our product is the FIRST and ONLY one-step cleaner, deodorizer, disinfectant and antimicrobial protector all-in-one, providing a convenient and cost-effective solution.


Unlike harsh cleansers and disinfectants that are unsafe and immediately stop working once they dry, CS90X not only eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses, but safely and continuously inhibits future growth on surfaces for months at a time. To ensure extreme result are achieved, we employ a specialized application method to enable our product to wrap around surfaces, particularly areas that are traditionally hard to reach.



US patented and EPA registered, CS90X is water-based, durable, non-toxic, safe, non-flammable, non-leaching and non-migrating (after it is bound), odorless, colorless and can be used as a one-step disinfectant and antimicrobial cleaner for places such as hospitals, schools, and homes. It is also safe enough to be used to clean and disinfect poultry and animal care, agriculture, industrial and institutional facilities, including food and animal processing plants.

In addition to COVID-19, CS90X has also been found effective against highly pathogenic Avian Influenza A (H5N1) virus, MRSA, & Fungicidal Efficacy against Trichophyton Mentagrophytes, (based on completed and certified tests results by a GLP independent lab), in addition to other non-health related organisms, such as bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus that may cause odor, stain, discoloration and deterioration of the treated product. Once our system has been implemented, the active ingredient forms a protective invisible layer on the surface and becomes an integral part of the surface. As an industry elite commercial sanitizing company, CAMS Sanitize has the ideal disinfecting system, service, product, equipment, and technologies to meet every need.


CAMS Sanitize provides professional free consulting on best practices for sanitation and disinfection for your company or facility. We will evaluate your current program, review products in use and make recommendations to maximize the prevention of cross contamination using our proven system. It does not stop there...We provide ongoing guidance and suggestions to continue to sustain the level of safety that you provide to your customers and employees.


The pandemic has thrusted businesses into unchartered waters, making it very difficult to navigate at times. Whether you are an essential business or coping with regulations, it is important that your customers and employees feel comfortable and safe. Promote and be proud of the fact that you are being proactive and have taken the necessary steps to improve the safety in your facilities. 

To support you with this, in addition to our outstanding service, we offer marketing materials to show your community that you are engaged in their health and safety. This marketing support shows that you have invested in the ultimate personal protection plan by enlisting a professional disinfection and sanitation provider. 

  • Marketing Decals

  • CAMS Sanitize Certified Certificate

  • Print & Email Handouts 


Contact us today to learn more about the CAMS CleanseCoat System today! 



We may be headquartered in Upstate New York, but that doesn't mean that we don't have you covered! CAMS Sanitize has specially trained application crews positioned throughout the United States to quickly and effectively meet your needs.​

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